Objections Raised Against New Zealand’s Online Gambling

August 10, 2011

Good news for New Zealand’s gambling enthusiasts. Lottery scratchies are now available online in the country. Online gambling is not allowed in New Zealand and no initiatives have been taken by the country in this regard till now. It is because of the efforts of the National Lottery Commission that the new development took place.

National Lottery Commission was already selling lotto tickets in supermarkets. These achieved considerable popularity as well.  According to reports of TVNZ, about 900,000 Instant Kiwi scratchies are sold every week in New Zealand. The payouts amount to more than a million dollars.  The response is definitely encouraging. To boost the sales, the commission now plans to sell the scratchies through the web. Tickets are currently available in certain selected stores.

The Problem Gambling Foundation raises objection to this. According to them, online casinos should not be allowed to operate in the country. The sale of tickets on the internet can have negative impacts on citizens, according to the members of the foundation. They said that it may also affect people’s rationality.

The spokesperson of the Problem Gambling Foundation, Graham Aiken said, that gambling is nothing but a waste of time and money. Having accepted that Instant Kiwi is extremely popular in the country, the foundation goes on to say that, allowing online gambling will enhance the popularity. This may lead to the situation going out of control and destruction of the social fabric. A family can be ruined financially if online gambling is allowed.

The foundation also has examples to back what they say. About 40 gamblers in New Zealand already complained of certain problems because of online gambling. The statistics has reached to 200 now. But the government has not yet come into the picture to stop the initiatives taken by the National Lottery Commission.

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