Cabaret Club Casino VIP Players Enjoy Advantageous Rewards

August 28, 2011

Cabaret Club Casino VIP Players Enjoy Advantageous Rewards

Becoming a VIP player at Cabaret Club Casino is something from which many players can benefit.  This well known online casino – an active member of Palace Group and powered by Microgaming – offers many advantages to its very important players.  Therefore, those seeking to obtain this important status with the casino will find themselves highly appreciated and rewarded.

Upon becoming an exclusive member, a player will be awarded with 500 credits that they can use at the casino as they like.  Furthermore, VIP players have the potential to receive an additional 40% in points.  This is made possible because specialty Cabaret Club Casino players not only gain a loyalty club account, but better their account by automatically becoming part of the Platinum Loyalty Tier for one month after obtaining VIP status.  During this month, the loyalty balance of these players may become greater, which provides them with the possible increase in points percentage.

Cabaret Club Casino is always providing their players with exciting offers that promise the chance for great rewards and plenty of other advantageous opportunities.  Anyone interested in opting for Cabaret Casino VIP status will discover that this can be achieved on the first day that they sign up to become a member.

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