WinADay Casino Wants You

April 2, 2012

The instant-play online casino is requesting player opinions on its latest slot.

WinADay casino is currently seeking player opinions on how many paylines and what kind of bonus features should be in its 30th unique slot game. Slot fans can make their contribution via the casino’s Facebook page

A few months ago, WinADay turned to its players for name suggestions. Grand Liberty was eventually chosen as the name for a new America-themed game.

“We’re in close touch with lots of our regular players and we’re always listening to their ideas,” said WinADay manager Michael Hilary.

“Our players have shaped our casino’s evolution. Now social media is giving us new opportunities hear what our players think.” He continued, “We’re excited because our next new game will definitely be created ‘by’ our players.”

The casino clearly values player opinions as it also previously asked fans to vote for the theme of a new game. The winner was an animal theme, but a movie theme came a close second. WinADay is considering this possibility for its next new game.

Other suggestions included astrology, vampire and money themes.

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